1. How much does it cost to book you?

That depends on the date and the size of the event and what you have in mind regarding sound and lighting. I’m glad to send you a nonbinding offer. To receive offers, please use the contact form!

2. For what age groups are you the right choice?

I am the right choice for any age group. I have made people happy, from 18th to 70th birthday parties.

3. Do you also have the appropriate equipment, or what sound system have you got?

Yes, I do have the right equipment and I bring it with me. You can rent all the necessary equipment from me, such as sound system, lighting, microphone, fog machine, beamer, canvas etc., to turn your party into an unforgettable event. I’m glad to advise you.

4. What are your working hours?

Working at weddings, I start at 7 pm with a little background music for dinner and I stop at 3 am. Should you have something different in mind, talk to me! I organize the timely setup, so that I’m ready when it’s dinner time. You are welcome to book me already for your afternoon wedding ceremony or even for some cozy lounge music. Booking me on afternoons or prolonging the event after 3 am is possible for an additional charge.

5. What kind of music do you play?

I don’t want to tie myself down here, as I go with the flow of the evening. Several years of experience and diverse circumstances have taught me flexibility. The audience is always different and when I’m booked for particular occasions, it is vital to be orientated towards your ideas. I gladly hear your wishes and I will also play them, but only at the right time.

6. We are marrying abroad. Are you coming with us?

I love travelling and gladly accompany you abroad.

7. Is it possible to meet you in person before booking you?

Of course, we can meet upfront to get to know each other. This is a complementary service from my side, if the distance is not too far. For further trips I charge the hours on the road plus expenses. I’m always available for phone calls, skype or facetime.

8. We will have guests from all age groups at our party. We wish for all age groups to dance.

I’ve got a huge repertoire of music, starting from the 50’s up to all contemporary genres and sub-genres. I always try my best to satisfy my guests wishes within different time windows, so that the dance floor is never empty. Here, timing is the essential thing.

9. We are from a different ethnical background. Consequently, our guests are not only from Europe. Can you react to international musical wishes?

So far, I’ve played music for Americans, Chinese, Japanese, Canadians, Brazilians, Spaniards, Italians, Irish, Iranians, Eritreans, Persians, Russians, Dutch and Turkish ;)

10. Are you also moderating?

No! If wished for, I make short announcements (Fireworks, cake, blocked emergency exits etc.) in English and German. Once the music is played it’s talking for itself.

11. Do you put down in writing everything we discuss?

I will put down in writing in a booking contract all agreements reached regarding the upcoming event.

12. How much space and what type of electrical connection do you need?

This is something I clarify with the host of the location. For a wedding, for example, a table (130 x 50 cm) and a 230-Volt socket do the job.

13. Food

I am a sports’ junky, food nerd and my nutrition is ketogenic, therefore I bring my own food most of the time. I’m not loathing to try the buffet, but I won’t participate at a 7-course menu. I will neither sit with the guests, because I’m often listening to and selecting songs while you are eating.

14. Is it possible to connect cell phones, laptops etc. to your sound system?

Yes, but please let me know 2 – 3 day in advance. Since choosing the wrong moment may cause the flow of the evening to break, it’d be also helpful, if the marriage witnesses talked to me a few days in advance about any musical interludes or speeches.